7-Elementz provides one on one private lessons, tailored to each client’s specific needs and desires. Utilizing over three decades of martial arts experience, Master Frampton helps guide men and women of all ages to better physical health, improved awareness, and a protective mindset. 7-Elementz prides itself on making martial arts available to everyone.

Mission Statement:

To provide every man, woman, and child the highest quality of martial arts training so they become empowered to live richer more rewarding, and meaningful lives. In so doing contribute to a stronger community.

Seven Principles of our Studio:

1. Health Awareness

2. Physical Proficiency

3. Mental Proficiency

4. Weapons Proficiency

5. Disarmament Proficiency

6. Grappling Proficiency

7. Striking Proficiency

7-Elementz was founded with the community in mind. It is our belief that by offering and providing the highest quality martial arts training to all members of the community, we can enhance the community as a whole.

Hours of Operation :

Monday- 7 am-8 pm

Tuesday- 7 am-8 pm

Wednesday- 7 am-8 pm

Thursday- 7 am-8 pm

Friday- Office Hours


(916) 218-9409